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By the Numbers: Making Sense of the Economy and Housing Market - Q3 Webinar Recording / August 5, 2021


Inflation, Consumer Confidence, Retail Spending, Unemployment Rates, GDP, Lumber Prices - the list of economic data showing up in our feeds and on the news can seem overwhelming! Join Virginia REALTORS Chief Economist Lisa Sturtevant for a webinar that will help make sense of these economic numbers. Which are the most important? Is Virginia different than the rest of the country? Where is the economy headed? What do I REALLY need to know to be a resource to my clients and colleagues?

Lisa Sturtevant, PhD

Research Consultant

Virginia Realtors

Dr. Sturtevant has been involved in research on economic, demographic, and housing market issues and local housing solutions for more than 20 years. She currently serves as a Research Consultant with Virginia REALTORS®, leading the association’s research on housing market and economic conditions throughout the Commonwealth. In her role, she prepares regular reports on the residential and commercial real estate markets in Virginia. She also conducts research and analysis to support the real estate industry in the commonwealth.

Prior to coming on staff with Virginia REALTORS®, Lisa founded and served as president of LSA Planning, an Alexandria, Virginia-based consulting firm that partners with local communities to provide comprehensive analyses and strategic planning to promote and support housing and planning policy and development decisions.

Between 2013 and 2016, Lisa served as Vice President for Research for the National Housing Conference (NHC), a national non-profit organization focusing on promoting safe, decent, and affordable housing opportunities. Prior to NHC, Lisa served as Deputy Director of the Center for Regional Analysis and Associate Research Professor at the George Mason University School of Public Policy.

Dr. Sturtevant completed her PhD in public policy from George Mason University, a master’s degree in public policy from the University of Maryland, and a BS in mathematical economics from Wake Forest University. She lives in the Alexandria portion of Fairfax County, Virginia with her husband, two kids, two cats, and a gecko.


By the Numbers: Making Sense of the Economy and Housing Market - Q2 Webinar Recording / August 5, 2021
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